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Lawn care and lawn treatments in Jacksonville, FLWith our monthly lawn care service we will prepare treatments on site, right at your home, to make sure your turf gets the attention it needs to look its very best. The “pre-printed” approach that many of our competitors use has led to poor customer satisfaction, poor results, and has given the entire lawn pest control industry a bad name.  We give our customers personal attention and are the most responsive lawn care service in Jacksonville.

Each month, we will mix a treatment based on turf color, thickness, insect populations, disease presence, weather conditions, time of year, and weed varieties. We will contact you before each treatment and use your feedback in the next days application. Listening to our customers helps us solve and prevent problems fast, while we are there, the first time.

Our lawn care programs are all inclusive with straight forward pricing.

Jacksonville Lawn Service & FertilizationOur lawn care service includes everything needed to maintain your lawn for one low straightforward price. Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge extra for necessary insecticide, fungicide, crabgrass, or sedge treatments.  We charge less per application, show up more frequently, and contact you before each service.  Because we are a small Jacksonville based company, we are able to better train and empower our lawn care technicians to evaluate and make decisions in the field regarding what lawn treatment will be administered that day.

It is not only our mission to make your lawn look great, but also to be easy to do business with. Trutco’s monthly lawn care service has no contracts. Our service is results driven.  We don’t make false promises, and long term relationships are our goal. We will always tell you the truth and we are going to do whatever we can to keep you 100% happy.  A great looking lawn requires a strong partnership between the homeowner and lawn service provider, therefore we will leave detailed lawn specific notes each service.  Get a free lawn specific quote below today!

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We are applying a liquid fertilizer to help your lawn’s spring green up, iron, a PH adjustment, and a weed treatment in February. 

Lawn care and fertilizer in Jacksonville, FL.

Jacksonville had its first hard freeze of the year in January.  This has caused most lawns to go dormant.  This month we are applying a fertilizer to help your lawn recover from the freeze and begin growing heading into spring.  We are also targeting spring annual weeds such as carrot weed, germanium, and thistle.  We are also applying iron sulfate to help with color and PH.

Dormancy is a natural part of the turf life cycle in North Florida. Turf growth slows down, and its capacity to absorb nutrients decreases as temperatures cool down. This causes the turf to gradually turn brown and remain in that state until warmer spring temperatures stimulate active growth once again. While some cultivars of St. Augustine grass retain their green color for a longer period prior to winter and are the first to regain their green color in spring, Zoysia, Bermuda, and other varieties of St. Augustine grass (such as Pro-Vista, dwarf species, and slower-growing cultivars) tend to have an extended dormant period. All warm-season turf varieties resume active growth when daytime temperatures reach 80 degrees, and nighttime temperatures consistently stay above 60 degrees.

Generally, expect to water each zone for 45 minutes once each week from October thru March.  Watering for a longer duration (45 minutes – 1 hour, rather than 20-30 minutes per zone) will encourage deeper root growth. Mowing at 4 inches will also encourage a deeper root system. If anything unexpected happens we are always here to help you troubleshoot any issues that may arise.  Good cultural practices are going to prevent many common problems from occurring in your lawn.  During a drought or freeze, reduce traffic from people, pets, and mowers. Hand water hot spots as identified by thin, crunchy, or folded grass blades.

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If you live in Jacksonville, you know proper watering & regular mowing practices are critical to keep your lawn healthy and green.

Here are some basic tips to help you maintain your turf this fall and winter.

Jacksonville lawn care and fertilization servicesWater once each week as needed in periods without heavy rain.  Each zone should run for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. The objective is to put out 3/4″ to 1″ of water per irrigation. Check our links for up to date weather and rainfall for your zip code.  Proper watering is critical to keep your lawn healthy so adjust your irrigation with rainfall and fungus presence. Be sure to check coverage regularly because a uniform spray is very important.  JEA offers free irrigation assessments for Jacksonville residents.  If your lawn had dry or hot spots, then it may be necessary to hand water to account for any weakness in your irrigation system.

Proper mowing is the largest contribution a homeowner will make to a successful Lawn care advice for Jacksonville Flweed management program.  Remember to mow high; 4″ lawns are always GREENER, prevent more weeds, and have stronger roots than 3″ lawns.  Maintaining your lawn at 4″ will enhance our pre-emergent weed control applications, improve turf density, and shade necessary light from reaching the soil for weed germination.  Trutco is the best lawn care service in Jacksonville because we have the best customers in Jacksonville.  Working together is key to our success.